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there are communities popping up everywhere
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With the Empower Network growing like a wildfire in a dry field, it’s no wonder that you’re considering joining the Empower Network. But Mike Green Premier Jersey , why are you considering this? Is it because of all the buzz you’ve seen? Is it because your you saw a video on Youtube with some person telling you about all the money they’ve made? Or maybe you saw one of your friends on Facebook posting about how great it is and why they joined? While those things are possible, and enticing, let me give you 5 good reasons to join the Empower Network!


In my opinion, the most critical component to anything, whether it be an actual network marketing company or an affiliate program Gordie Howe Premier Jersey , is leadership. Without solid leadership, it doesn’t matter how great the products are, the platform will not have a firm infrastructure to build upon. With that said, let me tell you a little bit about the leadership behind Empower Network. Co-creators David Wood and David Sharpe make a powerful marketing super team. David Sharpe describes his story as moving from a park bench to Park Avenue. David Wood was homeless at one time living in a van. Talk about having hunger for success. What makes these two guys so charismatic is their willingness to be totally transparent about their struggles inside of the industry. They’re also quick to talk about what they’ve had to do to overcome different types of adversities they’ve encountered both in the industry and outside the industry. With out a doubt, these two guys are master online marketers. If you are going to learn to market online and make money Authentic Dylan Larkin Jersey , these are THE guys to learn from. Of course, it helps that both of them have generated multiple 6 figure incomes online and show no signs of slowing down.


On the surface, it looks like the product that Empower Network markets is just a blog. However it’s not just any blog. It is a completely operational WordPress blog that is already self hosted and has a mature domain. And since there are hundreds of people posting on it, the likelihood of your post getting ranked is significantly higher than if you were posting on your own brand new blog. As of this writing, the Empower Network blog (which you’ll have access to) has an Alexa ranking of 2 Authentic Frans Nielsen Jersey ,610. Try starting a blog from scratch. Chances are your Alexa ranking will be between 18,000,000 and 20,000,000. Imagine starting a brand new blog and starting with an Alexa rank of 2 Authentic Mike Green Jersey ,610. That’s the power behind the viral blogging platform. Along with the blog, you’ll also get a highly converting lead capture page and sales funnel complete with videos. Your product is really a viral blogging income generating system. The key word you need to understand is ‘system’. You just generate the leads and the system does the rest. On top of that, the leads you generate are yours. You can direct them to an autoresponder series of your choosing that will help funnel the leads to whichever destination you see fit… whether it be another affiliate offer or your primary network marketing business.


It’s actually quite hard to do the training justice with just a few sentences because their is so much to it and the training is so robust. The Empower Network offers ‘Fast Start Training’ to get you on the right track. This series of short videos teach you every step you need to follow to get off to a good start. The trainings are recorded and stored in your back office so that you can listen to them at your convenience. You are being trained by one of the top online marketers around at this point. David Wood is the top recruiter in his primary company, and he’s done it all online! The training you’ll receive comes directly from him or someone trained by him.


Truly, this is where the Empower Network gets really interesting. With all the affiliate programs around Authentic Gordie Howe Jersey , none of them give you ‘ALL’ the money. They may give you 30% here 50% there, but none of them give 100% commissions like the Empower Network. If you’re wondering how this deal can get any better, I’ll tell you. You get your commissions instantly, immediately, right now even! Through setting up a merchant account Dylan Larkin Jersey , you are able to have your commissions deposited directly into the checking account of your choosing. Don’t like that idea, you can use Paypal. Additionally, there’s a ‘pass up’ component that is designed for you to be profitable at any of the 3 levels inside of the system.


Even though the Empower Network is in its infancy, there are communities popping up everywhere – Facebook, Skye and even full blown support websites. A big reason . Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NFL Football Jerseys

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