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What Rules Exists To Protect A President From Potential Congressional Harassment?
There are numerous occasions throughout ones political career, which presents the opportunity to impress a cynical public, to reach deep inside the public's repository of ill will specially reserved for a profession few understand or can relate to. Consequently, once afforded the opportunity to exhibit any form of inspiration, there remains a responsibility to do so. To that end, it appears the public and party faithful alike are often left wholly disappointed. For reasons that emerge shallow, with little regard to substance, politicians at times defy logic, and the obvious, by acting in a manner contrary to reason or sound judgment. Some years ago I was introduced to a book that presented extraordinary examples of political and moral courage, and which has guided my belief in politics and democracy over the course of my involvement at a party level. I often leaf through the well-worn pages when exposed to week or undeserving political leadership. Not surprisingly the events in America (and at times in Canada) over the past year have caused a review of the entire book, front to back.
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